Hi, my name is Karen. I’m a stay at home mum to 4 wonderful children (one who has Autism and Epilepsy and needed care when they were younger). They are all now grown. 

I decided to open a business so I could stay at home to spend more time with my kids and care for my parents. 

I shared a love of pearls, so in May 2017 I started Perfect Pearls Melbourne selling Jewellery and shucking oysters.

Since then the business has expanded….

In 2019, we started selling a range of high quality crystals. 

In 2020, we introduced our S925 Gem Fizzer jewellery. 

I love the community we have on our facebook lives and I have made many long life friends.

So please come and join me on our facebook lives on Wednesday and Thursday night where we will have a laugh and reveal some amazing products.

Thank you for supporting my business. I feel so grateful for each and everyone of you.