S925 Charoite Ring #2

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S925 Charoite Ring #2

Ring is adjustable

Charoite the stone of transformation. It enhances visions of your past life and support your current life path while grounding yourself to the reality of your everyday life.

Charoite will teach you many lessons about love and life, as well as yourself and your relationships, both personal and professional. It opens your heart and stimulates unconditional love.

Charoite provides strong physical and emotional healing energies. It’s a powerful spiritual stone that will remind you to live in the now.

Charoite is soothing to the nerves and is thought to calm those with ADHD, autism, and Asperger’s syndrome. It overcomes insomnia, promoting a deep sleep. It assists those with sleep problems, including sleepwalking and talking in your sleep.

Charoite can also help with obsessive compulsive behaviours. It will help you strike a balance and keep you in check when you feel like you’re slipping away.

Charoite is thought to release cramps, relieve migraines, headaches and other aches and pains. It may be used in treatments of the eyes and heart, and to improve degraded conditions of the liver and pancreas.

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