Competition Rules

Competition Rules 

(Twin Draw / Multiple Draw & Share Draw Competitions)

Twin Draw / Multiple Draw

Each live we run either  a twin draw / Multiple Draw competition. The draw is essentially a bit of fun that allows people to guess the number of twin / multiple pearls we will open on our live video feeds. The rules of this competition are as follows :

  • Entries must be lodged on the “competition time’ post that is on our facebook wall (place your twin guess in the comments of this post).
  • Entries close at 7pm on the night of the live. Any entries received after this time will not be accepted.
  • You must LIKE our facebook page to be eligible to enter.
  • One guess per person (1 facebook account equals one guess)
  • Partners & children are also eligible to enter provided they have their own facebook account and they guess under their own facebook account (they also need to follow all other rules of the competition).
  • Once you place a guess any editing conducted to your guess will void your entry.
  • If we detect multiple guesses from the same person their first guess will be there official guess, subsequent guesses will be null and void.
  • On the night of the Live Video if more than one person has guessed the correct twins all the people that guessed correctly will have there names put into a draw where one name will be selected as the winner, this person needs to be watching at draw time to claim prize, and a post will be placed on our facebook wall the following day announcing winner. At the discretion of PPM additional winners may be drawn but it is a requirement that the additional winners be watching to claim their prize, if there aren’t watching we will redraw.
  • In the event that no one has guessed the correct amount of twins we will select a winner (using a random number generator) from the list of customers who have purchased on the night. In the event the twin guess winner is selected from the purchase draw list it is a requirement that the winners must be watching to be eligible and claim their prize.
  • The prize is 1 oyster reveal that will be revealed live and posted to the winner at the expense of PPM.
  • Admin will check to ensure the winner(s) have LIKED our facebook page to confirm eligibility.
  • Ineligible guesses / changing guesses will render the guess invalid.
  • Admin reserve the right to screenshot comments/guesses at various times for comparison to the final list to ensure no tampering of guesses has occurred.

Share Draw 

The Share Draw competition is a prize of a $20 store credit to the winner. The rules are:

  • People sharing the live facebook video will receive one entry into the share Draw competition for each time they share our live video to their profiles.
  • You must comment “SHARED” on our live video when you have shared to alert admin to your share entry. Your welcome to have more than one entry in the share draw.
  • You must LIKE our facebook page to be eligible to win a prize in our share draw competition.
  • During each live video PPM admin upon seeing “shared” commented will writing the persons name down and place the names into a draw.
  • Due to the amount of work involved the Share Draw will be drawn off camera and the winner posted on our facebook page the following day. when a winner is drawn admin will make the required checks to ensure the winner has LIKED our facebook page.
  • If admin are unable to locate you on Facebook to inbox your voucher details it falls to the winner (after they see the winners post on our facebook page) to contact us via inbox to claim their prize.
  • All prizes for our share draw competition will be awarded to the winner and prizes are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

Pre-Purchase & Purchase Draw

Our pre-purchase and purchase draws are conducted on each of our sales live videos (there is no pre-purchase draw on grab bag nights). The rules that govern these draws are:

  • Our pre-purchase draw on our Tuesday night live is drawn randomly using a randomiser app. All pre-purchase orders that are received before 7pm on our Tuesday night live show are eligible and this draw is carried out at the start of our show.
  • Our purchase draws (Tue & Thur) nights are carried out at the end of each show and winners are drawn randomly using a randomiser app based on position number(s) on our order list.
  • PPM has total discretion on how many purchase draw prizes are drawn on each live show.
  • Prizes of each draw are awarded to the winner and are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

Share Draw, Pre-purchase Draw & Purchase draw vouchers cannot be used with any other offer or sale promotion – One code per order.

Perfect Pearls Melbourne reserve the right to amend the competition rules at anytime.