Welcome to Perfect Pearls & Crystals Melbourne

Whether you make a purchase or just want to come and join the live chat or even just to have a look at the amazing products that we range and/or reveal, we welcome all to our live shows.

Our Facebook Lives shows are held on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Crystal Lives

Wednesday nights are our live crystal sales where we reveal a wide range of high quality crystals for you to purchase at affordable prices. Simply say Sold and the Crystal name on the live. The first person that we see on our screen will win the item. Invoices are loaded up in the Special Orders section of our website. Invoices are due within 24hours. All orders over $50 paid on the night (while we are still live) will get a FREE gift (one per person).

The live show will start on our facebook page at 7pm (AEST). 

Fizzer, Pod, Jewellery, Oyster and Pearl Lives

Thursdays are our Pearl and Gem Jewellery lives, where we reveal our Fizzers, Mega Pods, Jewellery and Oyster Reveals. 

Our Fizzers are available in S925 Gem Ring, Pendant or Earrings. These are fizzed on our lives to reveal amazingly beautiful Gem Jewellery. 

Our Mega Pods contain either a S925 ring, pendant or bracelet. We will randomly pick 2x Pods for you to choose one item. Once you have chosen your jewellery, you can choose to either shuck oysters or open a Pearl Pod to reveal stunning pearls to be mounted on the piece of jewellery that was revealed. 

Our Earring Pods contain different types of Earrings. We will randomly pick 2x pods for you to choose one item. Once you have chosen your earrings, you can choose which colour you would like mounted on them.

We have a range of Ring, Pendants and Earrings available to purchase from our website. Most of our jewellery items come with at least one oyster reveal (pearl colours from oysters are random or you can select a pearl colour from our tray of loose pearls). 

Please note: Some of our Earrings will not come with Oyster reveals but can be purchased if you reveal twins on the live.

There are also other Oyster Reveals such as our Freshwater Rainbow and Fireball oysters.

All orders with a spend of over $65 (excluding vouchers & discounts) come with a FREE Spin of the wheel to win a FREE gift.

The live show will start on our Facebook page at 7.30pm (AEST). 

Open At Home Oysters (Australia Only)

If you wish to purchase Oysters or Cage Pendants (with Oyster reveals) to open at home, you can purchase these on our website. Please select express shipping at the checkout so the product arrives in the quickest time and place a note in the note section “I wish to open at home”.  

Please note: Jewellery that requires drilling and mounts (e.g. Rings, Pendant or Earrings) cannot be opened at home.

Multiple Guess, Purchase and Share Draws

On Thursdays we run a Multiple Guess Competition. We will post a photo of a jar with either Pearls or Crystal Spheres. To guess, simply go to our Facebook page, find the post and place a guess. This will be drawn at the end of the live. You will need to be present on the live show to win. You do not need to purchase anything on the night to enter the draw. Please see Terms and Conditions on the post for more information.

On Wednesday and Thursdays we run a Share Draw. To go into the draw, you need to like the page and share publicly to your Facebook page. This is run randomly throughout the live show so you will need to be present to win.

Also on Wednesday and Thursdays, if you make a purchase you will go into our Purchase Draw. Our purchase draw is drawn at the end of the night. On Wednesdays, first place does not need to be present on the live show, however, if we have a second or third prize you will need to be present on the live show to win. On Thursdays, you do not need to be present on the live show to win.

Payment options available: PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal, Afterpay, LayBuy,ZipPay & Klarna


Please note: weight limits may apply for standard shipping costs for International orders

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