Wednesday Night Lives – Crystals

Please see below our rules and how to buy information on our Crystal live sale.

You can purchase the crystal shown on our Facebook live show by saying ‘Sold’ or ‘Mine’ and the name of the crystal or the number of the crystal. The first person to comment on our screen will claim the item. We would suggest that you use an emoji to help your comment to be seen.

By saying ‘Sold’ or ‘Mine’, you are agreeing to purchase the item, so claim responsibly. We will allow one item to be cancelled per order.

All prices are in Australia Dollars.

When you have finished purchasing, or at the end of the live, your invoice will be uploaded on our website, www.perfect, under Special Orders. You just need to search for your name, click on the order and “Add to cart”. You then click on the bag icon on top of the website to go to the checkout. Follow the checkout process to pay for your invoice.

If this is your first purchase, please send a message to our Facebook page, so we can contact you if necessary.

All sales are final. Invoices are due within 24 hours. We understand that certain circumstances may arise, and you may need a few more days to pay. If this is the case, please message our Facebook page. Failure to pay your invoice will result in your order being cancelled and the items offered to the person next in line or put back into stock. Failure to pay your invoice on 3 consecutive occasions, you will be blocked and unable to comment or purchase on the live.

Payment options include PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal, Afterpay, Humm, Zip Pay, Laybuy.

If you pay for your invoice on the night, before the live ends, and your order is $50 -$99 will receive a random free gift and for orders $100 or over you will be given a choice of a free gift or free scoop (1 gift per person). Total amount is after discounts and does not include shipping.

All orders paid on the night, before the live ends, will go into the purchase draw. This will be drawn after the free gifts are given out.

For Australian orders, there is a limit of 1kg for shipping and for overseas orders, there is a limit of 500g for shipping. If your order weighs more, we may contact you to pay extra shipping.


Thursday Night Lives – Fizzer, Pod, Jewellery, Oyster and Pearl


Fizzers – Choose either a Ring, Pendant or Earring on the website. These are fizzed on our lives to reveal amazingly beautiful Gem Jewellery. 

Mega Pods contain either a S925 ring, pendant or bracelet. We will randomly pick 2x Pods for you to choose one item. Once you have chosen your jewellery, you can choose to either shuck oysters or open a Pearl Pod to reveal stunning pearls to be mounted on the piece of jewellery that was revealed. 

Earring Pods contain different types of Earrings. We will randomly pick 2x pods for you to choose one item. Once you have chosen your earrings, you can choose which colour you would like mounted on them.

We have a range of Ring, Pendants and Earrings available to purchase from our website. Most of our jewellery items come with at least one oyster reveal which will be revealed on the live (pearl colours from oysters are random or you can select a pearl colour from our tray of loose pearls).

Please note: Some of our Earrings will not come with Oyster reveals but can be purchased if you reveal twins on the live.

There are also other Oyster Reveals such as our Freshwater Rainbow and Fireball oysters. These are revealed on our lives.

All orders over $50 come with a FREE Spin of the wheel to win a FREE gift.